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Investing in UK entrepreneurs - next meeting date July 24th

Companies run in the UK or in the USA by UK educated entrepreneurs

The group consists of accredited investors who are interested in investing in UK companies or US companies that have UK linkages such as entrepreneurs who are British or are have been educated in the UK. Typically companies are technology oriented to match the interests of the group.

Next meeting April 24th at 8am Pacific Time / 4pm UK time.

To get a Zoom invite click the buttons below.

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Our Principles

Organized from London and San Francisco, the group meets a few times a  year to evaluate and invest in British linked companies either online or in-person. The group welcomes invitations from other angel groups both in the US and the UK, either to attend each others meetings or for syndicated deals.


Co-Founder and Director

Anastasiya Giarletta,

Investment Positions

We lead and invest early

We lead, and invest early and are active in helping companies using the networks of our angel investors.

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Financial Risk Forecasting

 Algodynamix  provides warnings, days or hours in advance of major market directional movements. RJN provided  the earliest funds and advice.

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Cursive handwriting recognition

This project came out of students at Stanford, and was co-founded by RJN. Became successful and sold to Motorola and drove early speech and handwriting recognition, text prediction and smart phones out of Motorola in both western and chinese markets.

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The first mobile app store

Cellmania built the first mobile app stores in 1999, and made a name for itself driving billions of downloads. Co-founded by RJN, was successfully sold to BlackBerry in 2010.

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Speech recognition dialogue

VocalIQ develops natural language processing systems to amend speech recognition systems. Based in Cambridge, UK, RJN took an advisory board position. Company was sold to Apple in 2016.

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Smart whiteboard sharing

Based in Cambridge, UK, the team of around a dozen PhD image processing experts were making a unique product that allowed a camera to go in front of a regular whiteboard. RJN invested into the company at a key time, provided working capital debt financing and helped get VCs to follow on.

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Low power sensors using energy harvesting

8Power came out of Cambridge University, developing technology to harvest energy from vibrations and allowing IOT sensors to last decades without battery replacement. RJN invested at a key time, with new management being installed.

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Detects complications in peritoneal dialysis

Team came out of Stanford and targets the peritoneal dialysis market which allows people to do dialysis at home. Cloudcath solves the problem of detecting complications instantly rather than waiting several days. This allows peritoneal dialysis to be done at home instead of spending all day at the clinic. RJN is an early investor.

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Transparent Choice

Software platform for making decisions

Transparent Choice provides a platform for enterprises to make decisions as a group more accurately. RJN is a very early investor and has supported the team as it has grown.

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Solving macular degeneration with eye drops

By exploiting the alternative splicing of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) Exonate aims to use  cutting-edge technology to introduce an eye drop to treat wet AMD and DME. RJN invested early as some of the first funds.

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Virtual Arts

Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions

Virtual Arts  uses its proprietary engine to built efficient and fast solutions. Amongst the first  investors in Virtual Arts, RJN helped the company with strategy and positioning in the emerging industry of Virtual and Augmented reality.

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Oxford Drug Design

Designing new antibiotics

Oxford Drug Design has developed rapid, state-of-the-art virtual screening and ligand analogue searching technologies to help with the drug discovery process. Utilising this technology platform the company has developed novel antibiotic programs. RJN invested early into the company.

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Make publishing work. For everybody.

Unbound believes that everyone should be given the chance to seize their own success. Unbound has created a community, platform and a publishing model that shift the balance of power to the people and communities that champion underserved ideas and voices.

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Business Travel Platform Rebuilt

Tripism has rebuilt business travel from the ground up to bring a smarter, faster way to plan and book your next trip. RJN provided fund very early and has supported the company throughout, taking a seat on the board.

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Novopangea Technologies

Converting non-food biomass into liquid fuels and a range of useful chemicals.

Nova Pangaea Technologies (NPT) has developed a staged, progressive, physical and thermochemical process – Refnova – which enables a complete fractionation of lignocellulosic materials into their constituent parts. Covered by patents in the USA and many other countries, the NPT process takes green feedstock as cut and uses no bioactives such as enzymes or bacteria. Internally catalysed it is continuous (“tubular”), fast (minutes), simple and clean. RJN invested early into the venture.


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